Thursday, 8 March 2007

DAY 18- $1500 SINCE DAY 1

Hey folks

Thanks for tuning in....Here is what I have in store for you tonight!!!

Here is Tonights big secret..Its is only $3 and it is a fully automated system that will rocket your sales every day

1..A quick update on our campaign.......For those of you who are new...This blog has documented my succeess from day1 where I started my bum marketing campaign and have reached day 8 where I am on target for $4,500 per month....

2....As PROMISED...I am going to give away my killer secrets to building a huge mailing list that will bring you income for life...even while you sleep..I AM GIVING IT TO YOU FOR FREE...

Ok here we go.........

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Now...Update for today.....

DAY 18 and sales so far to date are approx $1500. Sales for the past 2days have been slightly less than our massive day on day 16 but we are on target for $4,500 every month.

Folks.. this really has been so easy to do..18 days ago I started from scratch and I am now raking it in..YOU can do it too...its easy..Just go back to day one of this blog and follow it along and do everything that we have talked about..

If you need any help I will personally mentor you...At the minute I have a small school of students that I am mentoring and they are doing really well..At the minute they are all writing articles and soon enough you will see FIRST HAND on this blog how much money they will be making.... If you are interested drop me a quick email at

REMEMBER ...My friend Jonathan Gunson and I have something HUGE planned for you very shortly so watch this space!

Ok....Now here is for tonights BIG SECRET...

Here is how I build a massive mailing list...

Ok...Firstly you need to setup an ebay account.....You also need to have a large collection of ebooks to sell on your related niche....THIS IS A MUST..I will explain why in a minute.

I would list around 20 ebooks a day.. List them at various different prices..Some at $0.01 and some at $1.75 and some at $3.00 and if you have a BIG PRODUCT sell it for $45.00 or there abouts....

Now here is how it works..Your customer goes onto ebay and is searching for a product in your niche using a certain set of KEYWORDS..So good point number one is that the traffic is targetted and are willing to pay for information as they are searching for it on ebay..

Now alot of customers will buy your ebooks for a nice price and others will buy them for $0.01 and you could actually make a slight loss with the ebay fees for the day but do not be alarmed by this folks.....Here is what happens next...As soon as the customer purchases my ebook I have software that will automatically email the customer a thakyou email....

This thankyou email will contain a link to my website..which will be the download page for the customers purchased ebook. Now the customer has one of 2 options at this point...

option 1= he can go straight to the link to my website where he is going to download his purchased ebook...

or option 2= My thankyou email will contain a link to an affiliate product that I believe this customer would be interested in..

So already we have the possibility of making up to $50 or so from this one customer.

Lets says he decided to go straight to the link to download the ebook..Here is is directed to my download page..On the download page I have the download link for his ebook and also a very attractive link to one of my BIG PRODUCTS priced at $45.00. I also have a pop up opt in form where I have the customer ebooks that he would be interested in worth $25 for FREE..

So here are the customers options now....

1= He will almost CERTAINLY opt in to my list to get his free ebooks...If he doesnt he will close it down and continue..

2= He might be very attracted to my BIG PRODUCT and purchase it for $45...Or he might not...

3. he will just continue straight to his download link for his ebook.

Ok so if by chance he still hasnt bought anything else he will download his ebook. Now..Here is where it getd even more interesting..Once he does this he will be presented with a short report with links back to my website and products where he can start this process all over again.

So there ya have it...It is hard not to make money with this..I usually sell around 15 ebooks minimum every single day so think of the endless list of subscribers and income that I am making from this..It truely is amazing..IT HAPPENS AS YOU SLEEP

For all my readers I am offering you MY ENTIRE SYSTEM that I personally use on ebay..I mean EVERYTHING right down to a website template..FOR $3. Take a look

Anyway that is enough of my rambling..

I hope it has helped you and feel free to email me here at any time if you need any help .

From the desk of the bum marketer signing off lol

Speak to you tommorow for the start of our biggest weekend yet


Jonathan Gunson said...

This is all going like smoke Stuart!

Fantastic progress, and will give a lot of hope to a large number of folks I imagine.

I am almost ready to start our dramatic run and report it here. :-)

And, so that everyone can see the answer to a key question, I have put it here instead of e-mailing it to you directly:

(Sharing caring guy that I am.)

I have a QUESTION re submission of articles to article directories regarding DUPLICATE CONTENT:

If we have 3 different hot keywords, and write and submit 4 different articles for each of these to an articles directory, that adds up to 12 articles.

Quite a bit of work to spin these out, but still do-able.

But ... is it OK to submit the SAME 12 articles to the OTHER 2 directories that you have mentioned, or will we be penalised for duplicate content by them and more especially google?

If so, then we would need to do a different set of 4 articles for each keyword, for each directory!

That would add up to 36 different articles.

Hmmm... that seems a lot.

What do you recommend Maestro?


Darren said...

Just wondering on how you went from $427.94 on day 16 to $1500 on day 18?

That was an exponential jump over what has been rolling in for the last 16 days.


Stuart McIntosh said...

Hey darren

I think you might have read it wrongly. Income to date for the campaign is approx $1500.

I have not reached that on a daily basis as yet.

Stay tuned

Stuart McIntosh said...

Hi Jonathan

I reccommend that you submit your TOP QUALITY articles to a limited number of directories...The ones that I have mentioned are perfect and there are others..Remember to DIGG your articles also.

There are 2 ways to go about it..If your aim is to increase page rank of your website then I reccommend only submiting to the top few directories as duplicate content could be harmful to your progress..

If your aim is to purely build traffic then it is perfect to submit them to the top directories and also to any other directories that you can think of.

This will build alot of links for you and increase traffic..

Submitting to mass directories can be time consuming..

I usually submit to the top 3 directories for this one simple reason...If you write a good article and optomise it correctly it will be used on many websites and you will see a surge in traffic anyway so my advice would be to keep your favourite articles for the top directories and your other ones can be sent everywhere.

Hope this has helped.

I am looking forward to the start of our campaign.

Speak soon