Friday, 2 March 2007

DAY 12, 0-4.5K PER MONTH

Hi everybody

Long time no speak.

Here is a quick update of how we are getting on.

Here is the new website I am promoting in this niche.
This product is truely amazing. When you signup for this package you are on your way to earning risidual income for life. I love it!

Let me give you a quick example of the POWER OF MY NEW WEBSITE....

First of all look at the sales page...

Ok what do you think of it??

Now do you think you could get 20 people interested inthis type of business? ITS SO EASYYYY! Who wouldnt be interested!

Now....Listen....If you get 20 people to buy this will automatically earn $400 in fast start commissions...and $140 monthly residual income for life from the affiliate programme empowerism.

Keep listening....You will also generate an automatic $200 per month income from the host for profit account when somebody buys this site..Who wouldnt buy it???

So as you can see..If you sell this product to 20 people you will earn $400 up front and $340 monthly residual income..And then you also have your other affiliate sales!!

Do ya have a list of a few thousand that you could send this website to? Think of the possiblities.

I am very excited about this as my blog usually generates around 1300 visitors over the weekend alone. Dont leave it too late as this is the best offer on the internet.

Anyway I am rambling on again a bit.

The past two days have been quite good days.. Adsense income $4.21...Visitors to blog 346...Clickbank affiliate sales $94.12. you can see this campaign is going extremely well.

I am curious to hear how all of you guys and gals are doing. It inspires me to hear how you are doing so if you want to share something just write a small comment on the bottom of this post. Also bare in mind that you will also get alot of free traffic here so you have nothing to lose.

I have something else to tell you all. Do you all remember our test article from a few days back???
Well ezine have decided not to approve it as yet, because somebody has taken the article from the blog and posted it before me. It has been taken exactly word for word and posted on another website. I am working on it and we will see how it goes.
So...I hope somebody out there is making money from it lol.

If you wana read one of my first articles ever written just type in "tips to make money online" on the google search bar and I am on the 2nd page. Just incase you are wondering where the rest of my articles are?? I have several pen names so that I dont advertise how many niches I am actually involved in.

As I said in my post a view days ago I have decided to work in a project with a friend of mine, Jonathan Gunson. At the minute he is going to be putting himself in your shoes and starting from scratch and using FREE methods we are going to show you how easy it is to make alot of money online, build a list of thousands and rule in this business.

All tips and success will be shared and if anybody is interested in a personal one to one mentoring by myself I will be glad to help you. You just give me the amount of money you would like to make and I will work with you on a daily basis until you get there. Just email me here

Ok folks I have talked enough for one night!! Spelling mistakes are probably getting worse lol

Have a pleasant evening/morning and I will speak to you all tommorow.

Tommorrow i will give you a quick update on my teast niche ans alos my new site.

From the desk of Stuart McIntosh signing off

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Leonard Bartholomew said...

Don't worry too much about the spelling mistakes. We in the US are getting used to it. Good luck with your Plug-In-Profit-Site! It has been a great ride for me.