Friday, 16 February 2007

Welcome to the ROAD TO SUCCESS

Hi everybody

First of all I would like to thank everybody that has decided to follow my online campaign to make money online now...This campaign will follow my footsteps as I start from scratch and market a product, building on it to make a very NICE income online.

The income that I am hoping to generate from this is about $4.5k every month.

Many of you have decided to follow this blog as you have heard about it in the warrior forum and I welcome all of you.

To make this money online I will be using FREE methods that will not cost a penny. These methods will include BUM MARKETING, ADSENSE, SUBSCRIBER LISTS, AFFILIATE PROGRAMS and possibly GOOGLE ADWORDS in the final stages as the income grows.

I will be starting from scratch and YOU can do the same. I am going to show you how easy it is to make money online now.

If you want to make money online tune in to my blog every night where I will have a new post each day.

OK lets get started!!!!!

So...First of all I have to decide a niche that I am going to work in. When chosing a niche I like to chose something that I really am interested in. That way I enjoy working in it. I have decided on my niche..Have you thought of one for yourself?

For the purpose of this campaign I cannot tell you what niche I am concentrating on until the end otherwise it will not work. Your niche needs to be in demand and with as little competition as possible. Have you got one??

Ok...Today I registered with various different forums that are in the niche I am concentrationg on. I have set up a blog for that niche and may even build a quick website to support the blog if things go really well.

Lets say that your niche was HEALTH PRODUCTS..Join forums in these areas, and setup a blog that will go into detail in the HEALTH related area.

To make money online add a signature to your forum name that will link to your blog. As you are interested in your chosen niche you should be able to fill your blog with relevant information and provide valuable help to your fellow forum members.
Today I have made posts in my forum helping people and in turn they have visited my blog.

My blog at the minute is set up with adsense just like this one. That means that I can generate extra money online in a very simple way. Adsense is an extremely powerful tool and if you want to see how it can earn you $$$$ thousands every DAY please WATCH MY ADSENSE EXPLOSION .

So within my blog each post will also have an AFFILIATE product in it. If my blog post was about gaining rock hard abs I would promote an affiliate product that could maybe be selling muscle products. This means that my blog is making money online.

Here is the process from the customers point of view..They go into the HEALTH forum and ask a couple of questions...You answer them with relevant answers that they like so much that they view the link in your signature that redirects them to your blog...Your blog has some priceless tips on getting rock hard abs and also promotes an affiliate product and adsense...This all means that you make money online.

Now the secret behind all of this is..THE MORE PEOPLE THAT READ YOUR BLOG THE MORE MONEY YOU MAKE.

Tomorrow I will be talking about how much traffic I have got to my blog and also my SECRETS to get the traffic.

Stay tuned for more

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