Saturday, 10 February 2007

How to Make Money Online on Ebay

The ebook business took off not so long ago on ebay.This system works so well that you could come down to your computer on your first morning of starting this business and check your emails and before you have even sold anything on ebay you will have made at least $50 and have new subscribers to your mailing list.

I am going to explain HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE ON EBAY.

Making money through ebay is not about making a profit on ebay itself.
This is the most important thing that you must remember in this business
Some months you could even make a loss with ebay fees.

With ebay you have to aim to sell in bulk. To do this sell alot of ebooks at 1p and $2.00 etc etc. This gets customers to your download pages on your website. Your download pages contains web forms to your mailing lists which in turn means that you have a customer for life.

If you sell 10 ebooks at 1p per day and get 7 new customers to your mailing list each day you could have 1000 mailing list customers before you know it.

If tomorrow you decided to mail 1000 of your customers offering them a very good product in a subject that will benefit them at say $40..... Just think of the income you are generating IN ONE DAY.

When a customer is sent to your download page, they will also have access to your membership sales page.

This is your BIG product and this is where you should earn alot of money.
Ebay is about attracting customers to your BIG products and mailing list so that you can generate income for life.

Creating your own simple ebook on ebay can also make you thousands. If you write an ebook and in this ebook you have links back to your site and big products and you sell it with resale rights, your ebook will be worldwide in no time. Think about it like this, you sell it to 10 people and the sell it to 10 people each. That means that you have 100 people linking back to your site earning you big money.

I hope this report has been helpful.

Now get out there because you now know HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE ON EBAY
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