Monday, 26 February 2007


Hi everybody

Thanks for listening again tonight. I am going to keep tonights post short and sweet. All is can say is what a DAY! Excuse the spelling for tonight..I am exhausted as I was doing a bit of work on a freinds car.

The past day has been HUGE. Everything is really starting to take shape now.

Here is a quick update. Today I made $4.57 in adense income. My niche related blog received 1060 visitors within about 30 hours!! The traffic was exploding. To see how I got this traffic lets just recap at what I have done so far.. I have registered in a popular forum related to my niche. Built up alot of trust in that forum. Submitted articles, and kept an updated blog promoting various different websites. I have various different secrets that I am going to reveal to you tonight.

Ok..Sales for today....$4.57 in adsense and get this....$128.92 in affiliate sales. Total sales so far.....APPROX $370.Almost all of my articles are live now generating alot of traffic.

Over the past few days I have been talking in my niche forum and promoting my blog in as many ways as possible. I am going to explain how I do this now.

Ok...Lets take our article that I wrote yesterday...

Here is what I have done with it. Some internet marketers submit mass numbers of articles but I prefer to keep it simple and full of quality.

1. I submitted it to which will take a few days before it goes live.
2. I submitted it to
3. I submitted it to
4. I submitted the article to with the url of my blog as the story link.
5. I will be placing it in related forums.

Now there are many more secrets in submitting articles but I would not have room on the page for them all! These are the main ones that you should focus on.

My BIG TIP for generating traffic to your product is this:

Go to your google toolbar and type in the keywords of your niche. In our case "make money nline"... Search "blogs".. Now this will bring up a list of the most popular blogs online.

What I do is I write a comment on these blogs that is useful and I link it back to my own blog. This generates an enormous amount of traffic. I have commented regularly on problogger tips etc.

Now lets recap... We have our keyword focused article and I have submitted it to the article directories. Now all we have to do is be patient and wait until the search engines index them. This could take a few days so I suggest that you write another article tonight and promote the same link in your singature. Try to do one a day.

I am keen to hear how you guys and gals are doing and if my information has been helpful so far?? If so put a post in the blog.
This blog has generated ALOT of traffic and when you leave post here you will get aot of free traffic to your own sites. Just like the method I am using..COMMENTING ON HIGH TRAFFIC BLOGS.

If any of you are interested.. I am going to offer you my services as a writer.. I am willing to write an article for you on any given niche. This article will be keyword focused and generate alot of traffic for you. You wont have to do a single thing as I will wrtie it, tell you how to submit it, and tell ou how to gain taffic to it.

This is a one time offer and I will only be doing it for a limited number of people. If you are interested please email me here .I will reply within 24 hrs.

The price for this will be $15 per article. PS NOW $10

Let me know.

Anyway.. Now that I have shown you how I write an submit an article, tomorrow I am going to show you how to tap into a profitable niche and earn BIG $$$ in adsense alone.

This is something that I myself have only touched on and so it will be a big adventure.

Join me tomorrow for more.


Darren said...

Hello Stuart, I was doing a little niche searching tonight and had a question or two.

When you head on over to overture and do your initial search, it seems that many of the books, guides, etc, that I have read are picking keywords with 700 to 800 hits on them. Is that correct or close or totally out in left field?

Also, when you then type those keywords into Google inbetween quotes, what kind of hits are we looking for?
How many paid ads?
What if there are no paid ads?

Some guidance in this area would be beneficial to many people. Finding a niche is a bit challenging.

The two that I looked at tonight, I may have gone too far into a niche. Several searches showed no paid ads at all!

I guess the real question is how do you determine that a niche might be profitable, how do you determine there enough interest going on in it.

Looking forward to your comments.

jurovi said...

Hi Stuart.
Just let you know that your blog is brilliant. All your tips and advices are based on real experience, not in pure theories.
Keep up this wonderful blog!!

Brett said...

Great Job, I have my blog made up and have wrote 3 articles. One per day. I haven't really done the forum stuff though. But even with the 3 articles, even though they have been accepted, I still haven't gotten any traffic. It is confusing.

Desmond said...

Stuart great post. A question about how you got yor optins....were they directed to a squeezepage before they saw your blog,article or after the forum post?


Stuart McIntosh said...


When looking for keywords I find that you can do one of 2 things.

1. Phrases with 700+ searches tend to get alot of traffic and are great for adsense etc.

2. Phrases with low searches tend to be long tailed keywords. These keywords are alot more targetted and if you write a quality article and promote the right product you will make alot of sales here.

You have inspired me to write a new post tonight on "how to select a profitable niche " so watch out for it.

Jurove your comment has inspired me.Thanks

Brett, your articles can take up to 14days to get indexed properly and so it is important to write as often as you can. If you want me to take a loom at your articles and try to taylor them for email me at

Brett here is a tip that I find useful When you write an article or post in a forum direct your sig to a blank page with a good headline related to your article or blog etc. Now..Include a phrase that says something like " before entering my site enter your details and I will send you a free mini version". That way they have to subscribe to view it. I get alot of opt ins from this method

Jonathan Gunson said...

Hi Stuart

I sent you an e-mail but just got an autoreply with the letters 'sds'.

Is that a secret code? :-)


Jonathan Gunson said...

Hi there Stuart

What is was GOING to say in my e-mail to you I might as well put here.

I am going to mirror what you are doing, without revealing my niche of course. Then I can report progress to your blog here.

This will be an experiment is seeing if the traffic to both blogs doubles :-)

Is that OK? Will take a while to create the articles and post etc, but will commit to it.

So you see this blog is an inspiration!

By the way, I see you recommend posting to just a few select article / ezine directories. This to avoid Google slapping me down for duplicate content. In which case do you think 'Article Announcer' would still be useful?


Stuart McIntosh said...

Hi jonathan. many apologies for the auto reply. I have been working on it over the past few hours and forgot to change it.

I sent you an email and I think that idea would be an excellent one. I am so glad to hear a post like this.

Contact me at any time and we can share results and posts etc.

This is an inspiration to me and I hope it is for everybody reading.

I am going to include a short script of it on my blog post tonight.


Stuart McIntosh said...

Jonathan I reccommend submiting your high quality articles to only the big directories.

If you have an article that you are writing purely for linking purposes I suggest spinning different versions of an article and submitting them to mass directories

Brett said...

Hey Stuart, also sent an email and got the odd auto response. Not sure if the email got through or not. thanks for all your help