Sunday, 25 February 2007


Hey everybody

Thanks for tuning in and many apologies for the delay.

Here we go...Figures for yesterday and today....

Adsense income for my blog in my niche yesterday resulted in $7 of income. I am averaging about $5 a day which if you do the maths results in about $150 per month. I am also in the process of aquiring adsense websites related to my blog niche and this will up that income by HUGE AMOUNTS. But...we will leave that until later this week where I will show you some big tips that you can use too.

Clickbank sales for the last 2 days have been $83.69. So income so far for roughly one week and a bit.has been $205.00 + $37 = $242 for the first period. Bear in mind not all my articles have been approved as yet and I am only starting in this particular niche. My articles that I submitted during the week should be approved within the next day or so....Now also remember that you can apply this information in every niche. I am working about 2hours per day on this and if you were in 5 more niches you could have easily made $1000 in week one.

Now here is the part we have all been waiting for...I have written our article that we are going to test...

Here we go..


Ok so you want to know how to make quick money online? I have decided to write this article to show you all how to make quick money online TODAY.
This method is so easy that even a bum could walk of the street and go into a library, use its computer and within 30mins they could be setup to make quick money online. It really is that simple. In this article I am going to show you how.
Here is an overview of how we will do it. We will basically be selecting an area to work in (niche), writing an article about it ( it will hit the top page of google), and at the bottom of the article we will promote an affiliate product that will make us alot of money. So lets get started an make quick money.
1. Firstly you need to log onto the computer you have decided to use. If doesnt matter who the computer belongs to as long as you are able to use it. It wont take long as I am going to show you how to make quick money online. Now...Firstly you need to get a domain name...You can do so here Call your website something catchy that is related to what you are promoting.
2. Before you choose your domain name you need to select a niche that you would like to operate in. If you would like to work in the "make quick money online niche" you need to be able to write about it. To do so search for the niche on google and read up on it remembering as much information as you possibly can. Lets take it that you are wanting to work in this niche.
3. Now we need to select an affiliate product that we can promote. An affiliate product is a product created by somebody else that will pay you commission if a sale is genarated through your domain name. I recommend that you register with They have thousands of products in the make quick money online niche.
4. Now.. The next step is to register for free with . This is where you will submit your article. You now need to write all that you know on a topic to in your niche. Take your time and write about 500 + words. Within your article you will need to think of KEYWORDS that people will use to search for your article and include them throughout your article. There is a nack to doing this.
5. At the bootom of your article include your signature. Your signature will need to be catchy. Here is an example " mr x is the proud owner of www. MAKE QUICK MONEY ONLINE . com and is dedicated to revealing his secrets to you. to find out more please view this site www. your domain name. com ". Try and make it catchy. That is just off the top of my head.
Now submit the article and sit back while your visitors read it and buy your affiliate product.
Repeat this process for as many products as you can and try to submit an artilce per day. When you do this you will make quick money online.
Stuart is an internet marketer dedicated to making quick money online. He is the proud owner of and
If you would like to read more secrets on how to get your article to the top page of google read this
And there we have it folks...
That is the finished article. Have you noticed how I have placed my keywords roughly 1.5 times for every 100 words?
The web site I am promoting really is unbelievable and it is my own. In it I give more free information, I promote affiliate products and many more. Take a look
Now I am going to offer you something amazing here.
How would you like to have websites in every PROFITABLE niche that I am in.
These website are exactly the same as the ones I use in my articles and contain adsense and affiliate products.
READ THIS Click Here!
Tune in for tommorow and watch HOW I submit our article to get HUGE traffic.


Cindy said...

Hello, this is Cindy, and I found your blog thru link in the WF today and I am captivated by it. All I want is to get started with my first article, but I am so overwhelmed that I don't know where to begin. I am going to continue following your progress and hope this will give me the inspiration I so desperately need! Cheers, Cindy

Darren said...

Question about the articles you are using from, seen as these articles are able to be used by anyone, lets assume that there are other websites using the exact same articles that you are using, does that not lower your ranking for the page?

I was under the impression that duplicate content/pages was frowned upon. Or does the menu and other items on your page make it different enough that google ignores the main article being duplicate info?

I am referring to your site and the ebay one as well


Darren said...

Also, (sorry for so many questions), the actual articles contained in those pages, did you find them at a central repository, or were they obtained through Google search and then you asked the author to use them with links intact on your site?

I followed you here from the Warrior forum and plan on taking a crack at BUM Marketing.

For very little money and a bit of effort, you have made a few hundred dollars in a week. That is very encouraging for someone looking at getting started.

Stuart McIntosh said...

Hi everybody
I am so glad everybody is following along and enjoying the success.

I am going to be setting up a free mailing course on this blog within the next few days for you guys and gals.

Darren, thanks for your interest and qestions, it is good to see. At the minute the websites that I link to in that article is purely for adsense and affiliate content. With that website I dont really mind how high it is on google. However, if the article that promotes this website is high on google then it will get alot of visitors and so my adsense and affiliate income should go up.

I am currently working on a website that I am going to optimise to get it ranked high on the search engines.

Thanks for all the comments folks. It is very exciting.

Cindy. If I can do it anybody can.

Darren said...

Thanks for the response.

So at
Each page on that website is actually for a program you have affiliated with or did you just gather that information from the signup page or email list of each program and display it on an html page with the intent of people going to the

How are you making affiliate income from that site? Or is the freemonthlywebsites the real affiliate program? It is the only link on the page.

I think I am missing a piece of the master plan here :)


Desmond said...

I had a quick question to for your sites....if your articles havent been approved yet where is the traffic coming from...maybe im missed a post of something here :) Can ya help me out. Or is it traffic.


Stuart McIntosh said...

Hi darren

The website is mainly for adsense income and the odd affiliate sale from free monthly websites. I like the idea of this site as customers tend to see it as FREE info and then they generally come back for more. These are the websites that I would generate alot of adsense income from.

Desmond. I have had a couple of the articles approved and was waiting on one which has been aproved today so that should generate more traffic.

I think I have this in another post.

But in tonights post I will be showing you how I get alot of traffic when I submit our test article. Yesterday I had 703 visitors to my adsense blog.