Friday, 23 February 2007


Hey everybody

Just to let you know that at the end of this campaign I will be revealing my chosen niche. Ps the blog for this chosen niche is run on my blog and not on blogspot at the minute as I can only reveal it at the end.

I am updating slightly earlier than usual tonight as I am heading to the cinema in an hour to watch a film!!

Talking about is a quick money making idea for you..Why not write articles on recent movie that you have seen..Write a nice review..Submit them to the write places and as long as you have optimised them correctly you will hit the top of google. In your articles include a link to your domain redirecting to an affiliate website to download movies for free or something like that. Submit more reviews and sit back and watch the sales roll in. Its that easy!!!

Anyway enough of me rambling...Here is the update for today. Remember that this weekend is going to be BIG.

So far today I have had 268 visitors to my sites and blogs. Adsense income for the day is $7. Clickbank sales today is $45.00 and I also have made sales of $14.67 from my other affiliate programmes.

Remember this.. I still have my recent articles that I have submitted to awaiting approval which I expect to generate alot of traffic. I have been in my niche forum for about an hour today and I am building my reputation with alot of people viewing my blog.

Here is what I have planned for you all this weekend and I am so excited about it. Starting from now I am going to show you how I get my article on the top page of google. This information I am going to share with you is priceless.

Submitting articles builds up alot of traffic to your products and if you write a really good one you could find that people will send it to their mailing list and you will wake up one day to $$$$ in your account. Its great!!

Ok so lets get started....Folllow me through on this... I am guessing that all you guys and girls are in the niche of " making money online". So..For this case study we will write an article based on this, submit it, and make money through ADSENSE and clickbank. This niche has alot of competition but I think we can do it without a problem.

First of all read my tips on my website here

Here is how I do it..
Firstly I select my keywords. Now, click on this link

Tpe in the phrase " make money online". The trick is to select a keyword phrase that has a good number of searches and little competition on google. The phrase that I have selected to focus our article on is "make quick money online". There was 798 searches last month for this search term and the competition is not overly high. to find out the competition type in the keyword phrase on google search bar within " ". Then look at the top right to see the competition.

Now we have to write the article...So...I am going to spend about an hour tonight after my film or tomrrow morning writing the article so that it will hit the top page of google. And then I am going to show you exactly how I did it.

So by tomorrow night we will have our article written perfectly and then we will submit it. I have alot of exiting ways to submit this that will generate BIG SALES.

So its off to the cinema for me...

Tune in tomorrow folks to see the finished article.



Brett said...

Hello great blog here. A quick question though, you said you have made the money with adsense from your sites and blogs. At the start you stated you just had set up the one blog, have you set other sites and blogs up for your niche? Or is that adsense just made from your 1 original blog? Thank you for all the info

Stuart McIntosh said...

Hi brett. THe adsense figure and income figure is for the one key niche area that I am working in.I have a blog in relation to that niche where I refer affiliate products. I am also making adsense income from this blog that you are reading and I have adsense websites linked in this blog.

Brett said...

Hey, thank you. I am gonna follow this thing to the end. I have seen bum marketing with a blog talked about lots on warrior but was never really sure what steps to take. Great work.