Thursday, 22 February 2007


Hi everybody

Thanks for tuning in with me tonight. I am a bit earlier with my update tonight. Its 11.25 pm as I am writing this. Today has been a rest day for me and so I have decided to make the post light hearted. I am going to run a bit of a survey to see how many people are sctually tunning in. So...If you are tuning in with me, place a comment on the bottom of the blog and lets see how many of us there are. ( This will also give you free traffic).

Today has been a quieter day for the project and so at the weekend I am going to be going crazy building loads of traffic and earning BIG INCOME.

For week 1 of the project income as been $30 of adsense and $122.95 from affiliate sales. I have a mailing list of around 100 from this project that I can mail new products to for life.

Today has been a bit of a rest day for me and this is what this business is all about! When you start making big money from it you can afford to sit back and relax. I love it..

Now....Here is my plans for tommorow.....

Over the weekend I will be doubling my traffic and submitting about 4 new articles that I hope to get ranked very high in google. At the minute I have 2 articles pending that will also bring more traffic. I am going to show you how I get my articles at the top pages of google. I am also going to show you a website that I use that generates alot of traffic.

This weekend I expect sales to DOUBLE..

Stay tuned tomorrow to see how I am going to do it.

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I use this product everyday.

Until tomorrow


Jonathan Gunson said...

Hey Stuart ...

Count me in. I have a direct link to this blog on my desktop.

Better still I am watching wide eyed. It gets better and better.

But I also reckon that if you don't get a lot of folks leaving a comment here it will only be because they can't. It requires having a blogger blog with a GMail link - and most won't. I have chatted with a few on the forum who are following along, but I don't think they use Blogger. (Couple of them use Wordpress)

This is to encourage you (again) to keep going !!!

It is EPIC.


Stuart McIntosh said...

Hey jonathan. Thanks for your great comments. I am glad you are enjoying it and following me along.. I am expecting this weekend to be a big one.

I love this business.