Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Day 4

Hey folks and thanks for tuning in again tonight.

Just to keep you updated. Over the past 3 days I have spent about 2 hours per day working on this project and over the past 2days I have made $18 in adsense income and $122.95 from affiliate sales.

Here is how it is going...

Firstly...Over the past 2 days my traffic has increased to my blog and website from 130 per day to 400 per day!

Yes you read that right...In the past 2 days I have had a total of 824 visitors to my website. I have spent some time each day in my niche forum answering questions and buliding my overall reputation and hence more people are viewing my blogs and websites.

I also added this website. ITS ALL FREE. --Check it out. I use this system to generate $3000 every month on ebay alone.

I also added an affiliate website .... Here I reveal all my top clickbank secrets..

I also wrote 2 keyword focused articles that have hit the top page of google...

To see for yourself type in " how to make money online on ebay".

I will reveal one of them to you and my biggest SECRET WILL FOLLOW.

This article alone has brought in alot of traffic. This traffic has brought my adsense income up to about $18 for the 4 days. I will expect this to at least double with the addition of my new websites.

I have aslo made $122.95 on clickbank sales. This is due to the affiliate links in my articles and blogs.

So..All in all my project is on the up. I feel that my income goal is very reachable, alot quicker than I thought.

To generate the amount of traffic that I am I recommend these steps:

1. Provide loads of valuable information in your niche forums.
2. Add adsense to your blogs for your niche.
3. Join
4. Submit high quality articles.
5. Comment on high traffic blogs.

Thanks for reading guys and gals.

Tune in agian tomorrow for more results.

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1 comment:

Jonathan Gunson said...


This is coming along incredibly well.

Um ... oh yes... "inspiring" is the word I was searching for :-)

I have Jason Patash's 'Article Announcer'. Do you think that will do instead of 'Article Submitter'?

Otherwise your check list is a killer app for me.

Best wishes
Jonathan Gunson