Sunday, 18 February 2007


Hey again everybody

Thanks for tuning in again.

Its late on sunday night and today I decided to take a day off to spend with my girlfriend. I did some shopping with her and worked on my car ( one of my past times!).

It is very important to rest in this business as you can get extremely tired looking at the computer all day.

When I came home today I logged on and chatted for a bit in the warrior forum and also the forum related to my niche.

I also added MY TOP SECRET to this blog which is in the top right hand of your screen. This is a website that I now own and has LOADS of good content on it. Take a look here

I am still awaiting my article to be approved with ezine so my plan for tommorow is to write a few new articles and build up my links.

Anyway....Today I have had around 100 visitors to my sites which has created about $5 in adsense so the total income for 48hrs is at $9. Please bear in mond that I am still awaiting my first article to be approved. Most new internet marketers will give up at this stage but I can assure you that this stage is crucial as the traffic will really start to flow in about 2weeks. Also remember that at the minute I am only putting in about 2hours per day on one niche. Imagine if you were to branch out to other niches.

$5 a day on 5niches would be $25 a day on adsense alone.

I also had 2 new people sign up to my mailing course. My mailing course is a small 10 message course that will take the visitor on a pay per click lesson promoting a product within it. I expect to get alot of sales from this down the line.

Ok folks its time to wrap it up for today. I have enjoyed my day off and will look forward to our update tomorrow night.

Keep tuned as I will be writing a few more articles to drive that all important traffic to my sites.


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Auckland Stadium said...

This is a very generous reveal you are doing here, and highly informative.

With a small push it could become a cult!

I'm going to keep watching day by day.

Just putting this note here to be encouraging and let you know that someone is watching. :-)