Saturday, 17 February 2007


Hi everybody

Thanks for tuning in with me again tonight.

First of all i would like to say that my income today has mainly been from adsense. I would like to recommend this product to you WATCH MY ADSENSE EXPLOSION .
This product is great and one that I strongly believe in as it works.

Today has been a very busy day for me getting my system up and running. Do not be alarmed when you first start into this business when it seems like you are putting in alot of work for nothing...One thing I will stress is that it takes a couple of hrs of hard work to get it set up...But it really is easy if you enjoy it.

OK...What did I do today???

First of all I went into my chosen niche forum and answered a few questions to the members. This has increased my credibility and I am advertising my link to my BLOG here as well. As I explained last night, the more I help people in the forum the more they will view my blog.

I wrote a brand new post for my blog and posted late this afternoon. My post today contained various different affiliate links.

Here is a list of affiliate companies that I love:

And here is another good tip....If you cant find the product you would like to promote on the above sites just type it in google and put the word affiliate next to the term. This will provide you with a list of programs that allow you to promote the product related to your niche. If you would like more information on writing your article I highly recommend this to you article income now!

Ok what else did I do??

Today I also wrote an article about 900 words in relation to my niche. This article was highly keyword focused and I used this tool...

Here is how I wrote it...Lets say your niche was " how to play golf"..Write an article on let say.."how to cure a slice". Now..The tool above will let you see what keywords are being used on the internet to search for particular items. If people are wanting tips on golf all you have to do is type "golf tips" in the tool above and it will spit out variations of the phrase and how many searches each has had this month.

For all those of you who are totally new to this business, the trick is to find a keyword phrase that is searched regularly but does not have alot of competing websites for that term. To see how many websites are competing for the term "golf tips" just type it in google within the two QUOTES. Select the phrase that has the least competition and alot of searches and what we are going to do next is write an article that will contain these keywords and hopefully hit the top page of google for that term and generate alot of traffic.

So..You have selected your keyword phrase..Now..Write the article and include they keyword at the begining and rougly 1.5 times for every 100 words. At the bottom of your article in your signature include a link that will go to your blog.

Submit your article to these three sites


In my opinion these sites are favoured by google.

Ok I am going to summarise all of the above.

You now have an article on the internet that is keyword focused meaning that a visitor will read your article on google when they search for your keywords. They will hopefully click on its link to your blog and then they will hopfully view your affiliate links and your adsense adds. I submitted my article to the 3 directories, wrote a blog post and took part in my forum.

Here are my results so far...

In 24 hrs I have had 180 visitors to my blog that has resulted in about $4 of adsense income. I have had 3 customers subscribe to my mailing list..( which means a customer for life..I will go into more detail with this tommorrow). At the minute I havent made any affiliate sales but this is to be expected as it could take up to14days for my articles to be indexed and I am building my reputation in the forum of my niche.

So to close I have made $4. Some will say that is rubbish..I will say that my target of $4.5k per month will be easy..Think of it like this..The system has only just been setup and so my traffic is going to increase dramitically as I get indexed and my customers will gain trust in me. $4 a day is $120 per month. 3 new customers a day to my mailing list is 90 customers a month that I can resell products to for life...and this only a DAY INTO IT.

So it is on the up and looking very hopeful indeed.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my days work. I will be revealing some BIG SECRETS.

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David said...

Hope you reach your target fast!

For keyword research you can also try this free keyword tool... gives far more reliable keyword data than Overture: