Wednesday, 28 February 2007

DAY 11, 0 to $4.5k PER MONTH

Hi everybody

Thanks for tuning in again this evening. if you are new to my blog I would like to say WELCOME. This is a great campaign and we are doing very well. If you have something that you would like me to write a post on please email me at with topics that you would like me to help you with and I will write a nice post for you the next day.

Here is a quick update of our campaign... We are almost 2weeks into our test, where I have started from scratch and am aiming to break $4,500 per month in a niche using methods such as article marketing, blogging, mailing lists adsense etc working towards adwords and finishing with a product that I will release at the end of this campaign documenting our success and revealing the niche I selected.

Figures for today.. Affiliate income has been $96.91 and adesnse income has been about $3 today so the total income since the start of our campaign is about $500. That equates to around $1000 per month. Bear in mind this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Today I wrote 2 more articles for my secret niche. How are you all getting on at writing your articles?? Are you making sure they are keyword focused. If you need any help, lookback at our previos post in the blog and see how we wrote our test artilce. Our test article should be live on ezine articles tommorow.

If you need any help with your articles email me at . I will look over them for free within 24hrs and I can also write you a top article for $10.

Yesterday I told you all about my new website. This is something that I am very excited about as I will be making monthly residual income through it. Here it is

My plan for tonight is to write 2 articles that link this website and then i am going to spin out alot of different versions and submit them to the search engines.

If you are interested in more free tips from me I recommend that you look here and enter your details in my mailing list subscriber as it is over 400 emails long and full of information. I love this site.

Anyway I have rambled enough for tonight. Tomorrow i am going to take a nice long day off and so will update you in 2days from now.

Here is what I have planned for you.

So far my mailing list for my secret niche is up to around 400 subscribers. I will be mailing them a product that I believe alot of them will buy. This will bring in BIG MONEY.

I also plan to tell you how to grow a large list within ashort period of time.

Until next time.


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