Tuesday, 27 February 2007


Hi everybody.

I am early tonight with my post. Its not like me lol.

I have MAJOR plans for this niche and if you follow me over the next few weeks you will see everything in action.

Ok here is a quick update. Visitors to my website for today 248. Adsense income so far has been $3. Clickbank affiliate sales has been $46.23. So all in all it has been a fairly quiet day. Over the past week from our figures I have noticed that the weekend appears to generate alot more visitors and so for next week we are going to capitalise on this and generate some big sales.

Today I have been chatting in my niche forum and I have also wrote another article and submitted it in the same way that we did for our test article the other day. Our test article should be ready in the next few days.

Before I go any further I want to let you in on something HUGE I have set up. This is probably the BIGGEST single thing that i have done on this blog. I expect to make $$$$$ thousands from it. TAKE a look at my new website...

http://www.ways-to-make-money-online-now.com. I am so excited about it. Over the next few days I will be generating alot of traffic to it. i will tell you how i do it as I go along.

Anyway enough of me rambling....

I have had some great comments on this blog and tonight I want to tell you about something special. Myself and Jonathan Gunson have decided to work together to show each and every one of you that it is very possible to make money online within a short period of time.

Jonathan is an author of many products. Here is one of them www.ViralAlchemy.com..

Over the next few weeks he is going to be starting a test campaign, selecting a niche, marketing it and reporting results back to my blog. This is going to be a big inspiration to all our readers and I hope you are all very excited about it.

So here we go with tonights post....

How do I make money from a niche??

Here is a quick idea that if you can implement and concentrate on for a number of weeks you will make a nice steady income.

Firstly.. This income is mainly going to come from adsense.
The trick is to find a niche where addvertisers will pay high cost per click fees to adveritse on your site.

What I mean by this is if somebody clicks on an adsense add on your website you will be paid a nice fee. Some niches will pay out up to $30 per click.

Here is the step by step process of how to set something like this up.

1. Lets take the niche of mortgages as cpc for this niche can be very high.
Firstly you need to read up on mortgages. I suggest using private label material and taking notes on it as you are going to write an ARTICLE on it.

2. You now need to select the correct keywords for your article so as to get it on the top page of google. This will generate alot of traffic for you. If you take a look at my recent post on submitting our test article you will se the FREE methods that I use.

Some of you might be intersted in this Click Here! . Although I dont use this product myself I have heard alot of good reviews about it.

3. You now need to write a quality article on mortgages. Try and find out what topics are hot and what people would like to read on this subject. In your signature link up to your website on mortgages..

Dont worry as you dont need to create a website yourself on mortgages. All you need to do is set up an RSS feed to your site and that will update it for you with fresh HOT content.

I recommend this one Click Here! .

Now once you have this setup, submit an article everyday. The traffic will start to roll in and and when the visitors view your website and click on your adsense adds you will often be paid $10 per click and often more. The more traffic you can generate the better.

You could even venture into an adword campaign to generate ALOT OF TRAFFIC.

Here is another quick tip... When searching for keywords I tend to use those phrases with searches of over 500..I feel that if it has competition on google of about 45,000 maximum, than I will be able to gain a place on the top pages of google.

Long tailed keywords with less searches can also prove very profitable as the search term is generally very targetted.

I hope this helps folks..

Tommorow I will give you an update on my new site and how I am buliding alot of traffic to it.

Stay tunned.

Its off to bed for me. I have had a busy day. ( excuse the grammer or typo errors ).

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