Thursday, 15 March 2007


Hey folks

GET your very own business for $3.....

Tonights post is going to be a very short one.....In our last post I showed you how to create a top article and I am glad to see that alot of you have got your own copy of The GOOGLE WEALTH WIZARD... I am sure you are all having the exact same success with it as what I am having...

The clickbank income figures shown are very acheivable.

As you all know...I set out to make $4,500 per month.....

Well I have worked very hard over the past 3 and a half weeks and everything has paid off. I have not quite made $4,500 as yet but over the past 2 days since my last post I have made another $657.20 which brings the total income to almost $3,000.

This is incredible and it just goes to show you that it can be possible to start from scratch and make alot of money in this buiness.

I am going to take a few days holiday as and from tonight (lol well needed holiday)...Going to spend some of my hard earned cash lol....

I will update this blog with new posts every day or 2 continuing towards my target of $4,500.

I have designed a mailing course...That will take you from the very start, step by step, writing articles until you have them perfected and earning $$$$...If you want to join this course it is totally free and you can do so by entering you email address and name in the box to the right of my blog...

So......Its off on holiday for me!!!!

This is your last chance to get the products that have made this all possible for me The GOOGLE WEALTH WIZARD and ONE HUGE SECRET and of course your very own business for $3.....

Anyway....I hope I have been of help to you all and if you would like to go back to day 1 of my live 0 to $4,500 challenge please do so and enjoy it all....


I will drop you all a line in a few days....I HAVE MAJOR THINGS PLANNED FOR THIS BLOG WITHIN THE NEXT FEW DAYS.....

Tuesday, 13 March 2007


Hey and thanks for tuning in....

Your very own business for $3...Take a look before I change my mind!!!


This is the BIBLE for writing profit pulling articles and I follow all of it.

Tonight I am going to be touching the surface on these secrets... I will not be including everything as that would take away from the owner of the product and I would be writing for hours lol.

One thing I can say is that in the product above there is ONE HUGE SECRET that I started using that has made my sales almost double.

Check it out for yourself Click Here!

FIRSTLY.....I can assure you that if you follow exactly what I do here you will be almost guarenteed income for life..

Here is the plan for tonight.....

AS PROMISED...I will be starting a test batch of articles... I am going to start from the very start and show you exactly how to write an article that will pull profits.

Ok.....Lets get started.

1...Firstly you need to select a niche.......( subject)....

To do this you need to make sure that you know alot about the given niche and are able to answer questions and write decent articles that will be worth reading and using.

For our wee test niche I am going to start with adsense...

I know alot about adsense...And I feel that I could do quite well in this area.

2....You need to select some keywords that you can write your article around.....Keywords are the most important thing that you will include..A keyword phrase is a phrase that a visitor will type into a search engine when looking for information. If searching in will then list pages that will be focused around those keywords.. The key is to GET ON THE TOP PAGE OF GOOGLE and you will get thousands of visitors...

So lets take a look at how I am going to write an article based on is how I will select my keywords.

Firstly I will go to it up on another window now and follow me through to see for yourself......Ok....I am going to write an article based on "making money with adsense"...So type that in on the search bar....As you can see the phrase " How to make money with google adsense" is searched for roughly 50 times a day..This info is based on overture information and wordtracker.

Now a genaral rule is to multiply the number of searches on wordtracker by 8 and that will give you the numbder of daily searches on google..So...for our keyword phrase "how to make money with google adsense"...we can calculate that is searched 400 a day on google..That is alot of searches....

Now take the phrase " How to make money with google adsense" and type it in on googles search bar within " " inverted commas...

This will bring up the number of competing sites...As you can see there are 37,000..I feel that this number is quite good...

To sum this part up the key is to find a keyword phrase that will have alot of searches but not alot of competition...

I feel that if you write a good enough article and optimise it with your keywords properly you will be able to reach the top page of google in this isituation very easily...

3.....Now you need to write the article itself....

Here is how to do it....The title needs to be very"Tips to...Secrets " etc..This type of wording generally brings alot of attention..

Here are my key points here....

Include your keyword phrase in the title..The opening line....and 1.5 times for every 100 words of your article.....

This way the search engines will pick it up alot quicker...Your article must be of a good quality and contain alot of information...Do you think google would put you on the top page of their search engine for a keyword phrase if your article was not usefull at all?????


It needs to be of good quality and google need to view it as helpful and worth being there...So research it very carefully and make it your best work...

Ok that is basically how I do it....IF you stick to this plan you will do very well. I have written alot of articles under loads of pen names that are currently at the top page of google for very highly competitive search terms...

If you want to read more on how I write a profit pulling article then Click Here!...

Everything I have written is based on this Click Here!....Take a look for yourself...

The product above will teach you a very big secret that has caused my sales to double..


I am 22 years of age and that product has taught me how to make it big time with articles..

So....Get out there and start writing.. I plan on writing 3 a day this week...

In tomorrows post I am going to show you how I write a selling signature and where I redirect my links to..

This is very important...

Anyway...I hope this is helping all of you and I am very keen to here your success

I feel it is very appropriate for me to mention one of my students in my mentoring programme..

Steve Rowland is brand new to internet marketing and he is currently about 5days into it and is already starting to make sales.....Take a look for yourself

If you are interested in joining my mentoring programme please pay $30 into my paypal address and I will get back to you that very same day to get you started.

Of folks...Time to call it a day

Sunday, 11 March 2007

DAY 22= $1941.49 I am EXHAUSTED

Hi everybody

Your very own business for $3...Take a look before I change my mind!!!


1. A quick update on our live experiment
2. A quick mention of my mentoring program
3. A little bit about me

Welcome to tonights post...I can tell you one thing for sure...I am exhasted lol. I have had a very tiring day today...

Its midnight here...So to get started I will give you a quicjk update for today. Yesterday and today have seen quite alot of traffic to my blog in my SECRET NICHE. I have had roughly 1000 visitors. Now its not the busiest weekend we have had but it has still brought in its fair share of sales.

Total affiliate sales for the past 2 days = $220 approx and adsense income $6.32.

Now...That aint bad is it..

Lets just recap on how I have generated this income.....

1. I wrote articles
2. I wrote more articles
3. I wrote more articles and ...more articles lol

It really is that easy.. I also have a few other SECRETS...


I would firstly like to say that my little school is comming along quite well. At the minute I have around 7 students that I am mentoring and teaching them how to make money in this business. You will be hearing more about them very shortly as I post some of their success stories.

As I have already taken on ALMOST ENOUGH students to my school I am having to put a charge on it...This is to limit the numbers within the next few days to keep my work load to a reasonable level as I am only one person lol....

In my mentoring programme I teach you how to write articles..I email you on a daily basis and can even chat with you...I review your article and keyword optimise it for you before you post it and then I promote you in as many ways as I can all bringing sales your way..

If you are interested in joining please make a payment of $30 into my paypal account at I apologise for the charge but I need to keep it to a limited number. If you are interested or have any questions just fire away.

Tonight I am going to tell you all a little bit about myself so that you can get to know who I am and what I do..

My name is Stuart....I am 22 years of age and will be 23 very shortly. I live in Belfast in Northern Ireland. Exciting place!

My hobbies are golf, football, and going to the cinema with my lovely girlfriend. I also have a keen interest in cars and teaching people how to drive.

I first got started in the internet marketing business about 2 years ago. I began selling on ebay..Dropshipping...I then moved onto ebooks...I created a few ebooks and began building traffic to my various different niches..

Then I discoverd BUM MARKETING...This method is my favourite as it is totally free and brings about sales for life...This is what my blog is all about.

My future goals are to build a school for internet marketers online. I want to bring success to others. When I first started I felt like Iwas climbing a mountain and didnt know what way to turn...I want to teach you all that it really is quite simple and a few of my friends are going to testify to this within the next couple of weeks as we follow their success.

Anyway..I have went on long enough...

That is all for tonights post...


Here is what I have planned for the new week ahead...As you are well aware I have taken a break over the past few days from writing articles. This week I am going to write like crazy...I am going to go over my exaxt methods again for you all so that you can see exacltly how I do it..

This will all be happening from tommorow so I suggest you listen out for that post.

Its time for me to call it a night.

Until tomorrow

Saturday, 10 March 2007


Hey everybody ---ITS DAY OFF DAY FOR ME

Do you want your own business ready to go for $3.00. CLICK ON THIS BEFORE I CHANGE MY MIND

Just a quick update for today.... Before I start I want to tell you that none of this could have been possible without this The GOOGLE WEALTH WIZARD..This has been how I have made it all happen.I love it..It may not be for you but have a wee look and see.

TOTAL SALES for our campaign are at about $1674.12....Over the past few 2 days adsense income has been approx $6.80 and affiliate sales $167.32.. I am currently seeing about 260 visiotrs per day to my blog..

For those of you who are just new to my blog I would like to welcome you aboard...

Here is what this blog is all about.....

On day 1

...I started a campaign working from 0 and using internet marketing methods I am working towards a target of $,4500 per month..Currently I am on day 20 and I am just under $1700 which aint too bad now!! If you need my assistance is will mentor you for free..Drop me a line

Here are the methods I have used so far..


Ok folks...Today I am having a DAY OFF!!

I am going shopping for today....I plan on doing NOTHING but relaxing and replying to a few emails guys and gals..

That is the beauty of this business...You can make money while you, sleep, eat, lye on a beach or play golf...This business makes money every hour of the day and it truely is amazing...

Imagine sitting here while you make $$$$ Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Well I am going to tell you that if I can do it so can you!!!

It really is easy...

If you are interested in joining my mentoring programme just drop my a line at I will work with you for free until you are making a nice living online.

As submitting articles can be different I am will to offer my services to you and write a top quality article for you that will make the top page of google...Just drop me a line again at

Ok enough of me rambling...

Before I go I feel I have to tell you about one thing The GOOGLE WEALTH WIZARD ..

I just want to tell you that this product is THE most important product I have ever bought..The possiblities are endless....As you can see income figures are over $30,000.

I promote this product to everybody..everywhere and I do not think you will get a product like it at the moment!!

It is my favourite...Take a look The GOOGLE WEALTH WIZARD..

Anyway if you want that life at the beach...Take it slow and use all the info..Start at day 1 and work our way through and if you need my help just drop me a line.

All the best for today

Off to the shops for me!!

Thursday, 8 March 2007

DAY 18- $1500 SINCE DAY 1

Hey folks

Thanks for tuning in....Here is what I have in store for you tonight!!!

Here is Tonights big secret..Its is only $3 and it is a fully automated system that will rocket your sales every day

1..A quick update on our campaign.......For those of you who are new...This blog has documented my succeess from day1 where I started my bum marketing campaign and have reached day 8 where I am on target for $4,500 per month....

2....As PROMISED...I am going to give away my killer secrets to building a huge mailing list that will bring you income for life...even while you sleep..I AM GIVING IT TO YOU FOR FREE...

Ok here we go.........

Before I start I feel that I have to recommend something to you.....It is My google WEALTH WIZARD ......Now.....Here is why I am recommending it to you....

Quite simply ....I LOVE IT...Since I started internet markerting this has been my internet marketing bible.....I have made $$$$$ so much with this that it is not even funny..

Take a look at it for yourself and see My google WEALTH WIZARD .

Now...Update for today.....

DAY 18 and sales so far to date are approx $1500. Sales for the past 2days have been slightly less than our massive day on day 16 but we are on target for $4,500 every month.

Folks.. this really has been so easy to do..18 days ago I started from scratch and I am now raking it in..YOU can do it too...its easy..Just go back to day one of this blog and follow it along and do everything that we have talked about..

If you need any help I will personally mentor you...At the minute I have a small school of students that I am mentoring and they are doing really well..At the minute they are all writing articles and soon enough you will see FIRST HAND on this blog how much money they will be making.... If you are interested drop me a quick email at

REMEMBER ...My friend Jonathan Gunson and I have something HUGE planned for you very shortly so watch this space!

Ok....Now here is for tonights BIG SECRET...

Here is how I build a massive mailing list...

Ok...Firstly you need to setup an ebay account.....You also need to have a large collection of ebooks to sell on your related niche....THIS IS A MUST..I will explain why in a minute.

I would list around 20 ebooks a day.. List them at various different prices..Some at $0.01 and some at $1.75 and some at $3.00 and if you have a BIG PRODUCT sell it for $45.00 or there abouts....

Now here is how it works..Your customer goes onto ebay and is searching for a product in your niche using a certain set of KEYWORDS..So good point number one is that the traffic is targetted and are willing to pay for information as they are searching for it on ebay..

Now alot of customers will buy your ebooks for a nice price and others will buy them for $0.01 and you could actually make a slight loss with the ebay fees for the day but do not be alarmed by this folks.....Here is what happens next...As soon as the customer purchases my ebook I have software that will automatically email the customer a thakyou email....

This thankyou email will contain a link to my website..which will be the download page for the customers purchased ebook. Now the customer has one of 2 options at this point...

option 1= he can go straight to the link to my website where he is going to download his purchased ebook...

or option 2= My thankyou email will contain a link to an affiliate product that I believe this customer would be interested in..

So already we have the possibility of making up to $50 or so from this one customer.

Lets says he decided to go straight to the link to download the ebook..Here is is directed to my download page..On the download page I have the download link for his ebook and also a very attractive link to one of my BIG PRODUCTS priced at $45.00. I also have a pop up opt in form where I have the customer ebooks that he would be interested in worth $25 for FREE..

So here are the customers options now....

1= He will almost CERTAINLY opt in to my list to get his free ebooks...If he doesnt he will close it down and continue..

2= He might be very attracted to my BIG PRODUCT and purchase it for $45...Or he might not...

3. he will just continue straight to his download link for his ebook.

Ok so if by chance he still hasnt bought anything else he will download his ebook. Now..Here is where it getd even more interesting..Once he does this he will be presented with a short report with links back to my website and products where he can start this process all over again.

So there ya have it...It is hard not to make money with this..I usually sell around 15 ebooks minimum every single day so think of the endless list of subscribers and income that I am making from this..It truely is amazing..IT HAPPENS AS YOU SLEEP

For all my readers I am offering you MY ENTIRE SYSTEM that I personally use on ebay..I mean EVERYTHING right down to a website template..FOR $3. Take a look

Anyway that is enough of my rambling..

I hope it has helped you and feel free to email me here at any time if you need any help .

From the desk of the bum marketer signing off lol

Speak to you tommorow for the start of our biggest weekend yet

Tuesday, 6 March 2007

DAY 16 = $427.94!!

Hi everybody!!

How are we all this evening?

Here is what I have planned for tonight...

1.An update on our campaign success.
2. My tasks for today
3. An update on my mentoring programe and there success stories.

For those of you who are ust joining us I would like to welcome you to my daily blog..This blog is a live test campaign...I have decided a niche to work in...I am using free methods to promote it and I am working from scratch to a target of $4,500 per month...We are on the road to success.

I suggest you start at day one and follow everything that we have done..It wont take you long and if you follow it you will make $$$$.

Day 1 here...

Do you want to join in??? Well..Everything is here for you to read..And in the next few days I am going to run a test case study to show success stories from a good friend of mine who is also starting from scratch at the moment, working towards a big income online..I am going to update all successes right here for you.

Ok...Here is how my day went...

I have been working quite hard recently..

Today was my biggest day so far.....Visitors to my niche blog are averaging about 300 per day and around 700 on a sat and 700 on a sunday...I havent actually wrote any articles in the past 2days so my plan for the next few days is do write ALOT..This will generate alot more traffic...AND SALES..
Over the past 2 days I have made $427.94...This includes a few dollars adsnese income and the rest is from affiliate sales my secret niche I am getting to know alot about it and so I have set up a personal service to my blog readers and so I have made a few dollars through that also...

As I am keeping my niche a secret to the end, I wil give you a few examples of what I mean by this......If your niche is in the health related area and you have a blog in relation to it...Promote your services...Offer to draw up a fitness programme for your readers for a nice low price etc etc. This should bring some extra income in.

I am also in the process of creating 2 new products for my secret niche...I will be realeasing these on my blog and also to my mailing list that I have gathered.

Ok....I have rambled enough...Its time to here from you guys....How are you all doing??? Drop me an email at ...Let me know how you are getting on...If you want I will mentor you and help you get to where you want to be.

At the minute I am currently mentoring about 5 people and I have high expectations for every one of them..I believe that they will all reach a figure of $4,500 per month.

If you are interested in my taking part in this programe email me at .

O by the way it is all free.

I would really love to hear some interesting comments from you all..If you would like my advice on something let me know and I will post it all here for you.

Anyway its midnight here for me again and time to call it a day.

Here is what I have planned for tommorow....

As the past few days have been update type post I have decided that I am going to write a post tommorow letting you in on a HUGE SECRET that I use to generate a MASSIVE TARGETTED mailing list that brings alot of sales.

A mailing list is the key to success...Think about it ....If you can grow a list everyday that means that you have a customer for life that you can mail new products to...I know of people who have mailing lists in and around 7000..If you email a good product to your list and ONLY 1% decide to buy it..That is 70 people..If your product is worth $40 that is $2800 in one day and it is ongoing for life!!

Tomorrow I am going to show you exactly how to get a big targetted responsive list.

Take it easy everybody

Tune in tomorrow for more..

Sunday, 4 March 2007


Hey fellow marketers

Thanks for tuning in again this evening. I have alot to tell you about this evening. I was watching lost tonight and so I am a bit later at posting.

FIRSTLY, Here is what you will need for tonights BIG NIGHT...If you follow this procedure you will make thousands. These 2 things are very important....I will explain why after....

1..You need to be able to create a product..Click Here! ......

2..You need to have a nice big mailing list...Get a HUGE LIST by Clicking Here! .

Ok I will give you a quick outline as to why you need these products..You are going to need a mailing list of a few hundred and then you are going to mail them a product for $3 that you created. I expect the conversion rate to be about 90% so the bigger list you have the better!!

Its just turned after 11.30pm.

Today has been a great weekend. Here is our total income figures for the duration of our experiment...

Since day one of our BUM MARKETING experiment we have made approx $740. Now...That aint too bad!!

Here is what we have done so far to do it...I wrote approx one article per day..Have about 10 at the minute.. Posted them to , and . If you would like to read more on EXACTLY how I submitted my bum marketing articles please read this post on my blog That is day number 9.

So $750 in 2weeks approx. That works out at almost $1500 per month.

Remember at the minute we are only operating in one niche...If you do this for 5 niches think of the $$$..

Over the weekend I didnt write any articles at all as I have been working on something different. I am going to tell you all about it but before I do REMEMBER that within the next few days Jonathan Gunson and I will be breaking into another secret niche from scratch and showing you how easy it is.

I am also setting up a mentoring programe..So far I have had 3 people come forward to me wanting to be mentored. I am going to work with those people and show them EXACTLY how to do everything I do. I am not one of these computer robots,,,I am a down to earth guy and will help you along every step of the way.

If you are interested drop me a line at I am only charging $400 an hour haha... Only joking just drop me a line and I will set you on your way.

This weekend I have done something that I think will make me alot of money. It is really simple..I am going to reveal part of it to you now and keep the other part a secret for another few days.

Here it is..Are you ready...

Ok....As you know that in my niche I have been directing my articles signature to my blog which I try to post daily in. Now...I have also got an opt in form on my blog to capture email addresses.
As traffic has been quite good I have managed to capture a few hundred email addresses.

So here is what I did today...I sent them all a broadcast and offerred them a product that I created for $3.00. Think about it.....If you have a mailing list of 2000 and you email them a $3 product and everybody buys it you will have made $6000 in one day!!!!

I would expect the conversion rate of a well designed $3 product to be almost 100% if you have a good list. Inside this product include affiliate links and links back to your big products and sales pages. You can generate an income for life by getting them to come back time and time again. Then all you have to do is create a great product every week and build a big list and there you have it.

Here is an example of how I would do it.

This was an ebook membership service that I created quite some time ago...In fact it was my very first creation!!!

Now...I have sold loads of copies of this product for $45...It was selling like wildfire..This was quite sometime ago so for today we could use that product as my $3 secret.

For testing purposes I am going to mail this to my list in this niche and tomorrow I will give you an update on how much I have made..

Here are the products you need



Anyway....Its off to bed for me...

Keep up the good work and I hope you are starting to see some sales of your own..

I would love to hear some success comments from you all

Tune in tomorrow and hopefully I will have made $$$$.

Friday, 2 March 2007

DAY 12, 0-4.5K PER MONTH

Hi everybody

Long time no speak.

Here is a quick update of how we are getting on.

Here is the new website I am promoting in this niche.
This product is truely amazing. When you signup for this package you are on your way to earning risidual income for life. I love it!

Let me give you a quick example of the POWER OF MY NEW WEBSITE....

First of all look at the sales page...

Ok what do you think of it??

Now do you think you could get 20 people interested inthis type of business? ITS SO EASYYYY! Who wouldnt be interested!

Now....Listen....If you get 20 people to buy this will automatically earn $400 in fast start commissions...and $140 monthly residual income for life from the affiliate programme empowerism.

Keep listening....You will also generate an automatic $200 per month income from the host for profit account when somebody buys this site..Who wouldnt buy it???

So as you can see..If you sell this product to 20 people you will earn $400 up front and $340 monthly residual income..And then you also have your other affiliate sales!!

Do ya have a list of a few thousand that you could send this website to? Think of the possiblities.

I am very excited about this as my blog usually generates around 1300 visitors over the weekend alone. Dont leave it too late as this is the best offer on the internet.

Anyway I am rambling on again a bit.

The past two days have been quite good days.. Adsense income $4.21...Visitors to blog 346...Clickbank affiliate sales $94.12. you can see this campaign is going extremely well.

I am curious to hear how all of you guys and gals are doing. It inspires me to hear how you are doing so if you want to share something just write a small comment on the bottom of this post. Also bare in mind that you will also get alot of free traffic here so you have nothing to lose.

I have something else to tell you all. Do you all remember our test article from a few days back???
Well ezine have decided not to approve it as yet, because somebody has taken the article from the blog and posted it before me. It has been taken exactly word for word and posted on another website. I am working on it and we will see how it goes.
So...I hope somebody out there is making money from it lol.

If you wana read one of my first articles ever written just type in "tips to make money online" on the google search bar and I am on the 2nd page. Just incase you are wondering where the rest of my articles are?? I have several pen names so that I dont advertise how many niches I am actually involved in.

As I said in my post a view days ago I have decided to work in a project with a friend of mine, Jonathan Gunson. At the minute he is going to be putting himself in your shoes and starting from scratch and using FREE methods we are going to show you how easy it is to make alot of money online, build a list of thousands and rule in this business.

All tips and success will be shared and if anybody is interested in a personal one to one mentoring by myself I will be glad to help you. You just give me the amount of money you would like to make and I will work with you on a daily basis until you get there. Just email me here

Ok folks I have talked enough for one night!! Spelling mistakes are probably getting worse lol

Have a pleasant evening/morning and I will speak to you all tommorow.

Tommorrow i will give you a quick update on my teast niche ans alos my new site.

From the desk of Stuart McIntosh signing off

Wednesday, 28 February 2007

DAY 11, 0 to $4.5k PER MONTH

Hi everybody

Thanks for tuning in again this evening. if you are new to my blog I would like to say WELCOME. This is a great campaign and we are doing very well. If you have something that you would like me to write a post on please email me at with topics that you would like me to help you with and I will write a nice post for you the next day.

Here is a quick update of our campaign... We are almost 2weeks into our test, where I have started from scratch and am aiming to break $4,500 per month in a niche using methods such as article marketing, blogging, mailing lists adsense etc working towards adwords and finishing with a product that I will release at the end of this campaign documenting our success and revealing the niche I selected.

Figures for today.. Affiliate income has been $96.91 and adesnse income has been about $3 today so the total income since the start of our campaign is about $500. That equates to around $1000 per month. Bear in mind this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Today I wrote 2 more articles for my secret niche. How are you all getting on at writing your articles?? Are you making sure they are keyword focused. If you need any help, lookback at our previos post in the blog and see how we wrote our test artilce. Our test article should be live on ezine articles tommorow.

If you need any help with your articles email me at . I will look over them for free within 24hrs and I can also write you a top article for $10.

Yesterday I told you all about my new website. This is something that I am very excited about as I will be making monthly residual income through it. Here it is

My plan for tonight is to write 2 articles that link this website and then i am going to spin out alot of different versions and submit them to the search engines.

If you are interested in more free tips from me I recommend that you look here and enter your details in my mailing list subscriber as it is over 400 emails long and full of information. I love this site.

Anyway I have rambled enough for tonight. Tomorrow i am going to take a nice long day off and so will update you in 2days from now.

Here is what I have planned for you.

So far my mailing list for my secret niche is up to around 400 subscribers. I will be mailing them a product that I believe alot of them will buy. This will bring in BIG MONEY.

I also plan to tell you how to grow a large list within ashort period of time.

Until next time.


Tuesday, 27 February 2007


Hi everybody.

I am early tonight with my post. Its not like me lol.

I have MAJOR plans for this niche and if you follow me over the next few weeks you will see everything in action.

Ok here is a quick update. Visitors to my website for today 248. Adsense income so far has been $3. Clickbank affiliate sales has been $46.23. So all in all it has been a fairly quiet day. Over the past week from our figures I have noticed that the weekend appears to generate alot more visitors and so for next week we are going to capitalise on this and generate some big sales.

Today I have been chatting in my niche forum and I have also wrote another article and submitted it in the same way that we did for our test article the other day. Our test article should be ready in the next few days.

Before I go any further I want to let you in on something HUGE I have set up. This is probably the BIGGEST single thing that i have done on this blog. I expect to make $$$$$ thousands from it. TAKE a look at my new website... I am so excited about it. Over the next few days I will be generating alot of traffic to it. i will tell you how i do it as I go along.

Anyway enough of me rambling....

I have had some great comments on this blog and tonight I want to tell you about something special. Myself and Jonathan Gunson have decided to work together to show each and every one of you that it is very possible to make money online within a short period of time.

Jonathan is an author of many products. Here is one of them

Over the next few weeks he is going to be starting a test campaign, selecting a niche, marketing it and reporting results back to my blog. This is going to be a big inspiration to all our readers and I hope you are all very excited about it.

So here we go with tonights post....

How do I make money from a niche??

Here is a quick idea that if you can implement and concentrate on for a number of weeks you will make a nice steady income.

Firstly.. This income is mainly going to come from adsense.
The trick is to find a niche where addvertisers will pay high cost per click fees to adveritse on your site.

What I mean by this is if somebody clicks on an adsense add on your website you will be paid a nice fee. Some niches will pay out up to $30 per click.

Here is the step by step process of how to set something like this up.

1. Lets take the niche of mortgages as cpc for this niche can be very high.
Firstly you need to read up on mortgages. I suggest using private label material and taking notes on it as you are going to write an ARTICLE on it.

2. You now need to select the correct keywords for your article so as to get it on the top page of google. This will generate alot of traffic for you. If you take a look at my recent post on submitting our test article you will se the FREE methods that I use.

Some of you might be intersted in this Click Here! . Although I dont use this product myself I have heard alot of good reviews about it.

3. You now need to write a quality article on mortgages. Try and find out what topics are hot and what people would like to read on this subject. In your signature link up to your website on mortgages..

Dont worry as you dont need to create a website yourself on mortgages. All you need to do is set up an RSS feed to your site and that will update it for you with fresh HOT content.

I recommend this one Click Here! .

Now once you have this setup, submit an article everyday. The traffic will start to roll in and and when the visitors view your website and click on your adsense adds you will often be paid $10 per click and often more. The more traffic you can generate the better.

You could even venture into an adword campaign to generate ALOT OF TRAFFIC.

Here is another quick tip... When searching for keywords I tend to use those phrases with searches of over 500..I feel that if it has competition on google of about 45,000 maximum, than I will be able to gain a place on the top pages of google.

Long tailed keywords with less searches can also prove very profitable as the search term is generally very targetted.

I hope this helps folks..

Tommorow I will give you an update on my new site and how I am buliding alot of traffic to it.

Stay tunned.

Its off to bed for me. I have had a busy day. ( excuse the grammer or typo errors ).

Monday, 26 February 2007


Hi everybody

Thanks for listening again tonight. I am going to keep tonights post short and sweet. All is can say is what a DAY! Excuse the spelling for tonight..I am exhausted as I was doing a bit of work on a freinds car.

The past day has been HUGE. Everything is really starting to take shape now.

Here is a quick update. Today I made $4.57 in adense income. My niche related blog received 1060 visitors within about 30 hours!! The traffic was exploding. To see how I got this traffic lets just recap at what I have done so far.. I have registered in a popular forum related to my niche. Built up alot of trust in that forum. Submitted articles, and kept an updated blog promoting various different websites. I have various different secrets that I am going to reveal to you tonight.

Ok..Sales for today....$4.57 in adsense and get this....$128.92 in affiliate sales. Total sales so far.....APPROX $370.Almost all of my articles are live now generating alot of traffic.

Over the past few days I have been talking in my niche forum and promoting my blog in as many ways as possible. I am going to explain how I do this now.

Ok...Lets take our article that I wrote yesterday...

Here is what I have done with it. Some internet marketers submit mass numbers of articles but I prefer to keep it simple and full of quality.

1. I submitted it to which will take a few days before it goes live.
2. I submitted it to
3. I submitted it to
4. I submitted the article to with the url of my blog as the story link.
5. I will be placing it in related forums.

Now there are many more secrets in submitting articles but I would not have room on the page for them all! These are the main ones that you should focus on.

My BIG TIP for generating traffic to your product is this:

Go to your google toolbar and type in the keywords of your niche. In our case "make money nline"... Search "blogs".. Now this will bring up a list of the most popular blogs online.

What I do is I write a comment on these blogs that is useful and I link it back to my own blog. This generates an enormous amount of traffic. I have commented regularly on problogger tips etc.

Now lets recap... We have our keyword focused article and I have submitted it to the article directories. Now all we have to do is be patient and wait until the search engines index them. This could take a few days so I suggest that you write another article tonight and promote the same link in your singature. Try to do one a day.

I am keen to hear how you guys and gals are doing and if my information has been helpful so far?? If so put a post in the blog.
This blog has generated ALOT of traffic and when you leave post here you will get aot of free traffic to your own sites. Just like the method I am using..COMMENTING ON HIGH TRAFFIC BLOGS.

If any of you are interested.. I am going to offer you my services as a writer.. I am willing to write an article for you on any given niche. This article will be keyword focused and generate alot of traffic for you. You wont have to do a single thing as I will wrtie it, tell you how to submit it, and tell ou how to gain taffic to it.

This is a one time offer and I will only be doing it for a limited number of people. If you are interested please email me here .I will reply within 24 hrs.

The price for this will be $15 per article. PS NOW $10

Let me know.

Anyway.. Now that I have shown you how I write an submit an article, tomorrow I am going to show you how to tap into a profitable niche and earn BIG $$$ in adsense alone.

This is something that I myself have only touched on and so it will be a big adventure.

Join me tomorrow for more.

Sunday, 25 February 2007


Hey everybody

Thanks for tuning in and many apologies for the delay.

Here we go...Figures for yesterday and today....

Adsense income for my blog in my niche yesterday resulted in $7 of income. I am averaging about $5 a day which if you do the maths results in about $150 per month. I am also in the process of aquiring adsense websites related to my blog niche and this will up that income by HUGE AMOUNTS. But...we will leave that until later this week where I will show you some big tips that you can use too.

Clickbank sales for the last 2 days have been $83.69. So income so far for roughly one week and a bit.has been $205.00 + $37 = $242 for the first period. Bear in mind not all my articles have been approved as yet and I am only starting in this particular niche. My articles that I submitted during the week should be approved within the next day or so....Now also remember that you can apply this information in every niche. I am working about 2hours per day on this and if you were in 5 more niches you could have easily made $1000 in week one.

Now here is the part we have all been waiting for...I have written our article that we are going to test...

Here we go..


Ok so you want to know how to make quick money online? I have decided to write this article to show you all how to make quick money online TODAY.
This method is so easy that even a bum could walk of the street and go into a library, use its computer and within 30mins they could be setup to make quick money online. It really is that simple. In this article I am going to show you how.
Here is an overview of how we will do it. We will basically be selecting an area to work in (niche), writing an article about it ( it will hit the top page of google), and at the bottom of the article we will promote an affiliate product that will make us alot of money. So lets get started an make quick money.
1. Firstly you need to log onto the computer you have decided to use. If doesnt matter who the computer belongs to as long as you are able to use it. It wont take long as I am going to show you how to make quick money online. Now...Firstly you need to get a domain name...You can do so here Call your website something catchy that is related to what you are promoting.
2. Before you choose your domain name you need to select a niche that you would like to operate in. If you would like to work in the "make quick money online niche" you need to be able to write about it. To do so search for the niche on google and read up on it remembering as much information as you possibly can. Lets take it that you are wanting to work in this niche.
3. Now we need to select an affiliate product that we can promote. An affiliate product is a product created by somebody else that will pay you commission if a sale is genarated through your domain name. I recommend that you register with They have thousands of products in the make quick money online niche.
4. Now.. The next step is to register for free with . This is where you will submit your article. You now need to write all that you know on a topic to in your niche. Take your time and write about 500 + words. Within your article you will need to think of KEYWORDS that people will use to search for your article and include them throughout your article. There is a nack to doing this.
5. At the bootom of your article include your signature. Your signature will need to be catchy. Here is an example " mr x is the proud owner of www. MAKE QUICK MONEY ONLINE . com and is dedicated to revealing his secrets to you. to find out more please view this site www. your domain name. com ". Try and make it catchy. That is just off the top of my head.
Now submit the article and sit back while your visitors read it and buy your affiliate product.
Repeat this process for as many products as you can and try to submit an artilce per day. When you do this you will make quick money online.
Stuart is an internet marketer dedicated to making quick money online. He is the proud owner of and
If you would like to read more secrets on how to get your article to the top page of google read this
And there we have it folks...
That is the finished article. Have you noticed how I have placed my keywords roughly 1.5 times for every 100 words?
The web site I am promoting really is unbelievable and it is my own. In it I give more free information, I promote affiliate products and many more. Take a look
Now I am going to offer you something amazing here.
How would you like to have websites in every PROFITABLE niche that I am in.
These website are exactly the same as the ones I use in my articles and contain adsense and affiliate products.
READ THIS Click Here!
Tune in for tommorow and watch HOW I submit our article to get HUGE traffic.

Friday, 23 February 2007


Hey everybody

Just to let you know that at the end of this campaign I will be revealing my chosen niche. Ps the blog for this chosen niche is run on my blog and not on blogspot at the minute as I can only reveal it at the end.

I am updating slightly earlier than usual tonight as I am heading to the cinema in an hour to watch a film!!

Talking about is a quick money making idea for you..Why not write articles on recent movie that you have seen..Write a nice review..Submit them to the write places and as long as you have optimised them correctly you will hit the top of google. In your articles include a link to your domain redirecting to an affiliate website to download movies for free or something like that. Submit more reviews and sit back and watch the sales roll in. Its that easy!!!

Anyway enough of me rambling...Here is the update for today. Remember that this weekend is going to be BIG.

So far today I have had 268 visitors to my sites and blogs. Adsense income for the day is $7. Clickbank sales today is $45.00 and I also have made sales of $14.67 from my other affiliate programmes.

Remember this.. I still have my recent articles that I have submitted to awaiting approval which I expect to generate alot of traffic. I have been in my niche forum for about an hour today and I am building my reputation with alot of people viewing my blog.

Here is what I have planned for you all this weekend and I am so excited about it. Starting from now I am going to show you how I get my article on the top page of google. This information I am going to share with you is priceless.

Submitting articles builds up alot of traffic to your products and if you write a really good one you could find that people will send it to their mailing list and you will wake up one day to $$$$ in your account. Its great!!

Ok so lets get started....Folllow me through on this... I am guessing that all you guys and girls are in the niche of " making money online". So..For this case study we will write an article based on this, submit it, and make money through ADSENSE and clickbank. This niche has alot of competition but I think we can do it without a problem.

First of all read my tips on my website here

Here is how I do it..
Firstly I select my keywords. Now, click on this link

Tpe in the phrase " make money online". The trick is to select a keyword phrase that has a good number of searches and little competition on google. The phrase that I have selected to focus our article on is "make quick money online". There was 798 searches last month for this search term and the competition is not overly high. to find out the competition type in the keyword phrase on google search bar within " ". Then look at the top right to see the competition.

Now we have to write the article...So...I am going to spend about an hour tonight after my film or tomrrow morning writing the article so that it will hit the top page of google. And then I am going to show you exactly how I did it.

So by tomorrow night we will have our article written perfectly and then we will submit it. I have alot of exiting ways to submit this that will generate BIG SALES.

So its off to the cinema for me...

Tune in tomorrow folks to see the finished article.


Thursday, 22 February 2007


Hi everybody

Thanks for tuning in with me tonight. I am a bit earlier with my update tonight. Its 11.25 pm as I am writing this. Today has been a rest day for me and so I have decided to make the post light hearted. I am going to run a bit of a survey to see how many people are sctually tunning in. So...If you are tuning in with me, place a comment on the bottom of the blog and lets see how many of us there are. ( This will also give you free traffic).

Today has been a quieter day for the project and so at the weekend I am going to be going crazy building loads of traffic and earning BIG INCOME.

For week 1 of the project income as been $30 of adsense and $122.95 from affiliate sales. I have a mailing list of around 100 from this project that I can mail new products to for life.

Today has been a bit of a rest day for me and this is what this business is all about! When you start making big money from it you can afford to sit back and relax. I love it..

Now....Here is my plans for tommorow.....

Over the weekend I will be doubling my traffic and submitting about 4 new articles that I hope to get ranked very high in google. At the minute I have 2 articles pending that will also bring more traffic. I am going to show you how I get my articles at the top pages of google. I am also going to show you a website that I use that generates alot of traffic.

This weekend I expect sales to DOUBLE..

Stay tuned tomorrow to see how I am going to do it.

If you are keen to get started quickly on this business I recommend you read this.... Click Here! .

I use this product everyday.

Until tomorrow

Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Day 4

Hey folks and thanks for tuning in again tonight.

Just to keep you updated. Over the past 3 days I have spent about 2 hours per day working on this project and over the past 2days I have made $18 in adsense income and $122.95 from affiliate sales.

Here is how it is going...

Firstly...Over the past 2 days my traffic has increased to my blog and website from 130 per day to 400 per day!

Yes you read that right...In the past 2 days I have had a total of 824 visitors to my website. I have spent some time each day in my niche forum answering questions and buliding my overall reputation and hence more people are viewing my blogs and websites.

I also added this website. ITS ALL FREE. --Check it out. I use this system to generate $3000 every month on ebay alone.

I also added an affiliate website .... Here I reveal all my top clickbank secrets..

I also wrote 2 keyword focused articles that have hit the top page of google...

To see for yourself type in " how to make money online on ebay".

I will reveal one of them to you and my biggest SECRET WILL FOLLOW.

This article alone has brought in alot of traffic. This traffic has brought my adsense income up to about $18 for the 4 days. I will expect this to at least double with the addition of my new websites.

I have aslo made $122.95 on clickbank sales. This is due to the affiliate links in my articles and blogs.

So..All in all my project is on the up. I feel that my income goal is very reachable, alot quicker than I thought.

To generate the amount of traffic that I am I recommend these steps:

1. Provide loads of valuable information in your niche forums.
2. Add adsense to your blogs for your niche.
3. Join
4. Submit high quality articles.
5. Comment on high traffic blogs.

Thanks for reading guys and gals.

Tune in agian tomorrow for more results.

HERE IS MY BIGGEST SECRET - How I hit the top page of google with one article Click Here!

Sunday, 18 February 2007


Hey again everybody

Thanks for tuning in again.

Its late on sunday night and today I decided to take a day off to spend with my girlfriend. I did some shopping with her and worked on my car ( one of my past times!).

It is very important to rest in this business as you can get extremely tired looking at the computer all day.

When I came home today I logged on and chatted for a bit in the warrior forum and also the forum related to my niche.

I also added MY TOP SECRET to this blog which is in the top right hand of your screen. This is a website that I now own and has LOADS of good content on it. Take a look here

I am still awaiting my article to be approved with ezine so my plan for tommorow is to write a few new articles and build up my links.

Anyway....Today I have had around 100 visitors to my sites which has created about $5 in adsense so the total income for 48hrs is at $9. Please bear in mond that I am still awaiting my first article to be approved. Most new internet marketers will give up at this stage but I can assure you that this stage is crucial as the traffic will really start to flow in about 2weeks. Also remember that at the minute I am only putting in about 2hours per day on one niche. Imagine if you were to branch out to other niches.

$5 a day on 5niches would be $25 a day on adsense alone.

I also had 2 new people sign up to my mailing course. My mailing course is a small 10 message course that will take the visitor on a pay per click lesson promoting a product within it. I expect to get alot of sales from this down the line.

Ok folks its time to wrap it up for today. I have enjoyed my day off and will look forward to our update tomorrow night.

Keep tuned as I will be writing a few more articles to drive that all important traffic to my sites.


Saturday, 17 February 2007


Hi everybody

Thanks for tuning in with me again tonight.

First of all i would like to say that my income today has mainly been from adsense. I would like to recommend this product to you WATCH MY ADSENSE EXPLOSION .
This product is great and one that I strongly believe in as it works.

Today has been a very busy day for me getting my system up and running. Do not be alarmed when you first start into this business when it seems like you are putting in alot of work for nothing...One thing I will stress is that it takes a couple of hrs of hard work to get it set up...But it really is easy if you enjoy it.

OK...What did I do today???

First of all I went into my chosen niche forum and answered a few questions to the members. This has increased my credibility and I am advertising my link to my BLOG here as well. As I explained last night, the more I help people in the forum the more they will view my blog.

I wrote a brand new post for my blog and posted late this afternoon. My post today contained various different affiliate links.

Here is a list of affiliate companies that I love:

And here is another good tip....If you cant find the product you would like to promote on the above sites just type it in google and put the word affiliate next to the term. This will provide you with a list of programs that allow you to promote the product related to your niche. If you would like more information on writing your article I highly recommend this to you article income now!

Ok what else did I do??

Today I also wrote an article about 900 words in relation to my niche. This article was highly keyword focused and I used this tool...

Here is how I wrote it...Lets say your niche was " how to play golf"..Write an article on let say.."how to cure a slice". Now..The tool above will let you see what keywords are being used on the internet to search for particular items. If people are wanting tips on golf all you have to do is type "golf tips" in the tool above and it will spit out variations of the phrase and how many searches each has had this month.

For all those of you who are totally new to this business, the trick is to find a keyword phrase that is searched regularly but does not have alot of competing websites for that term. To see how many websites are competing for the term "golf tips" just type it in google within the two QUOTES. Select the phrase that has the least competition and alot of searches and what we are going to do next is write an article that will contain these keywords and hopefully hit the top page of google for that term and generate alot of traffic.

So..You have selected your keyword phrase..Now..Write the article and include they keyword at the begining and rougly 1.5 times for every 100 words. At the bottom of your article in your signature include a link that will go to your blog.

Submit your article to these three sites


In my opinion these sites are favoured by google.

Ok I am going to summarise all of the above.

You now have an article on the internet that is keyword focused meaning that a visitor will read your article on google when they search for your keywords. They will hopefully click on its link to your blog and then they will hopfully view your affiliate links and your adsense adds. I submitted my article to the 3 directories, wrote a blog post and took part in my forum.

Here are my results so far...

In 24 hrs I have had 180 visitors to my blog that has resulted in about $4 of adsense income. I have had 3 customers subscribe to my mailing list..( which means a customer for life..I will go into more detail with this tommorrow). At the minute I havent made any affiliate sales but this is to be expected as it could take up to14days for my articles to be indexed and I am building my reputation in the forum of my niche.

So to close I have made $4. Some will say that is rubbish..I will say that my target of $4.5k per month will be easy..Think of it like this..The system has only just been setup and so my traffic is going to increase dramitically as I get indexed and my customers will gain trust in me. $4 a day is $120 per month. 3 new customers a day to my mailing list is 90 customers a month that I can resell products to for life...and this only a DAY INTO IT.

So it is on the up and looking very hopeful indeed.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my days work. I will be revealing some BIG SECRETS.

Friday, 16 February 2007

Welcome to the ROAD TO SUCCESS

Hi everybody

First of all I would like to thank everybody that has decided to follow my online campaign to make money online now...This campaign will follow my footsteps as I start from scratch and market a product, building on it to make a very NICE income online.

The income that I am hoping to generate from this is about $4.5k every month.

Many of you have decided to follow this blog as you have heard about it in the warrior forum and I welcome all of you.

To make this money online I will be using FREE methods that will not cost a penny. These methods will include BUM MARKETING, ADSENSE, SUBSCRIBER LISTS, AFFILIATE PROGRAMS and possibly GOOGLE ADWORDS in the final stages as the income grows.

I will be starting from scratch and YOU can do the same. I am going to show you how easy it is to make money online now.

If you want to make money online tune in to my blog every night where I will have a new post each day.

OK lets get started!!!!!

So...First of all I have to decide a niche that I am going to work in. When chosing a niche I like to chose something that I really am interested in. That way I enjoy working in it. I have decided on my niche..Have you thought of one for yourself?

For the purpose of this campaign I cannot tell you what niche I am concentrating on until the end otherwise it will not work. Your niche needs to be in demand and with as little competition as possible. Have you got one??

Ok...Today I registered with various different forums that are in the niche I am concentrationg on. I have set up a blog for that niche and may even build a quick website to support the blog if things go really well.

Lets say that your niche was HEALTH PRODUCTS..Join forums in these areas, and setup a blog that will go into detail in the HEALTH related area.

To make money online add a signature to your forum name that will link to your blog. As you are interested in your chosen niche you should be able to fill your blog with relevant information and provide valuable help to your fellow forum members.
Today I have made posts in my forum helping people and in turn they have visited my blog.

My blog at the minute is set up with adsense just like this one. That means that I can generate extra money online in a very simple way. Adsense is an extremely powerful tool and if you want to see how it can earn you $$$$ thousands every DAY please WATCH MY ADSENSE EXPLOSION .

So within my blog each post will also have an AFFILIATE product in it. If my blog post was about gaining rock hard abs I would promote an affiliate product that could maybe be selling muscle products. This means that my blog is making money online.

Here is the process from the customers point of view..They go into the HEALTH forum and ask a couple of questions...You answer them with relevant answers that they like so much that they view the link in your signature that redirects them to your blog...Your blog has some priceless tips on getting rock hard abs and also promotes an affiliate product and adsense...This all means that you make money online.

Now the secret behind all of this is..THE MORE PEOPLE THAT READ YOUR BLOG THE MORE MONEY YOU MAKE.

Tomorrow I will be talking about how much traffic I have got to my blog and also my SECRETS to get the traffic.

Stay tuned for more

Monday, 12 February 2007

My busy day but what a LIFE!

Hi all

I just thought that i would give you a personal update today.

Today and over the past few days I have been submitting articles. Some of you reading this article will be desperate to make money online as you may want to work for yourself, get rid of your boss, or simply just have the freedom to get up at your own time and spend your day with your family working as and when you please.

If you are new to internet marketing you will most likely be fed up with reading too much information. Your head may be spinning and you just dont know where to start to make money online NOW.

If you are thinking that it is all too much, READ ON....

I can show you how to MAKE MONEY ONLINE NOW.

If you follow this system you will be guarenteed to be making money online within 30mins time.
It is so easy that you do not even need a website or a product to sell.

Within a very short period of time you will notcie the sales running in like clockwork.

If you are interested in learning more about my methods please click on this link below


My methods are so easy to use that I have most of my day free to relax and enjoy everything.

This is the easiest way to make money online now.

Saturday, 10 February 2007

The Basics On How TO Start Making Money With Adsense

The Basics On How TO Start Making Money With Adsense

Adsense is considered as one of the most powerful tool in a website publisher’s arsenal. It enables a person to monetize their sites easily. If used properly, it can generate a very large and healthy income for them. However if you are not using them rightly and just maximizing the income you squeeze from it, you are actually leaving a lot of money on the table. Something all people hate doing.

How you can start earning money with Adsense can be done easily and quickly. You will be amazed at the results you will be getting in such a short period of time.Start by writing some quality content articles which are also keyword incorporated. There are a lot of people given the gift of being good with words. Writing comes easy for them. Why not make it work in such a way that you will be earning some extra cash in the process.There are actually three steps to put into mind before you begin writing your ads and having an effective Adsense.Keyword search. Find some popular subjects, keywords or phrase.

Select the ones which you think has more people clicking through. This is actually a keyword selector and suggestion tool that some sites are offering to those who are just their Adsense business.Writing articles. Start writing original content with keywords from the topics that you have achieved in your search. Take note that search engines are taking pride in the quality of their articles and what you will be writing should keep up with their demands.Quality content site. Build a quality content site incorporated with Adsense ads that is targeting the subject and keywords of your articles and websites.

This is where all that you’ve done initially will go to and this is also where they will prove their worth to you. The proper positioning of your ads should be done with care. Try to position your ads where surfers are most likely to click on them. According to research, the one place that surfers look first when they visit a certain site is the top left. The reason behind this is not known. Maybe it is because some of the most useful search engine results are at the top of all other rankings. So visitors tend to look in that same place when browsing through other sites.

Some of those who are just starting at this business may think they are doing pretty well already and thinking that their clickthrough rates and CPM figures are quite healthy. However, there are more techniques and styles to generate more clicks to double your earnings. By knowing these techniques and working them to your advantage, you will realize that you will be getting three times more than other people who have been previously doing what they are doing.

Finally, Adsense has some excellent tracking statistics that allows webmasters and publishers to track their results across a number of site on a site by site, page by page, or any other basis you wanted. You should be aware oft his capability and make the most of it because it is one powerful tool that will help you find out which ads are performing best. This way, you can fine tune your Adsense ads and focus more on the ones being visited the most rather than those who are being ignored.

Another thing you should know. Banners and skyscrapers are dead. Ask the experts. So better forget about banners and skyscrapers. Surfers universally ignore these kinds of ad formats. The reason behind this is that they are recognized as an advert and advert are rarely of any interest that’s why people ignore them. To really start making money with Adsense, you should have a definite focus on what you wanted to achieve and how you will go about achieving them. As with any other kind of business ventures, time is needed coupled with patience.

Do not just ignore your site and your Adsense once you have finished accomplishing them. Spare some time, even an hour, making adjustments to the Adsense ads on your sites to quickly trigger your Adsense income.

Give it a try and you would not regret having gotten into Adsense in the first place.

How to Make Money Online on Ebay

The ebook business took off not so long ago on ebay.This system works so well that you could come down to your computer on your first morning of starting this business and check your emails and before you have even sold anything on ebay you will have made at least $50 and have new subscribers to your mailing list.

I am going to explain HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE ON EBAY.

Making money through ebay is not about making a profit on ebay itself.
This is the most important thing that you must remember in this business
Some months you could even make a loss with ebay fees.

With ebay you have to aim to sell in bulk. To do this sell alot of ebooks at 1p and $2.00 etc etc. This gets customers to your download pages on your website. Your download pages contains web forms to your mailing lists which in turn means that you have a customer for life.

If you sell 10 ebooks at 1p per day and get 7 new customers to your mailing list each day you could have 1000 mailing list customers before you know it.

If tomorrow you decided to mail 1000 of your customers offering them a very good product in a subject that will benefit them at say $40..... Just think of the income you are generating IN ONE DAY.

When a customer is sent to your download page, they will also have access to your membership sales page.

This is your BIG product and this is where you should earn alot of money.
Ebay is about attracting customers to your BIG products and mailing list so that you can generate income for life.

Creating your own simple ebook on ebay can also make you thousands. If you write an ebook and in this ebook you have links back to your site and big products and you sell it with resale rights, your ebook will be worldwide in no time. Think about it like this, you sell it to 10 people and the sell it to 10 people each. That means that you have 100 people linking back to your site earning you big money.

I hope this report has been helpful.

Now get out there because you now know HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE ON EBAY
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5 Easy Steps on How Make Money Online


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Making money online could not be any easier than what it already is. Are you new to online marketing and trying to make some cash but are finding it hard to understand and do everything that you read?

If you are I am sure you are overwhelmed with all of the information available on how to make money online. However most of the information you will have read will be useless and just a sale. I have been in your shoes and my head was swimming with information overload and that is why I have decided to write this article to show you how easy it is to make money online.
This method is often described as the bum marketing method..Meaning that even a bum could do it.

So... Let's get started

1. Register with
Clickbank is an affiliate centre. It contains lots of info products that you can sell and earn a commission. These products are on all topics imaginable and in most cases you can earn a commission of 75%...
So this means that you do not even need a product to sell..You do not need a website...You do not need money to start out....All you need is your pc and your internet connection.

2. When you have registered with clickbank you now need to decide on the type of product that you are going to sell. When you have selected the product you want to promote you need to have a think of KEYWORDS that would be used to search for this product.
Now...for example...If your affiliate product is on how to make money online with google adwords, the KEYWORDS that people would use to search for this product would be...
make money onlinehow to make money online fastgoogle incomework from homemake money online quicketc etc....

3. Now that you have your list of keywords you need to sign up for free again with google adwords. When you have setup your adwords account you need to create an ad that will sell your product. These adds are placed along the side of google search bars. Your add must be catchy and attract attention to web searchers and must also relate to your keywords.

4. Set your campaign level and your ad will run automatically. As you have decided upon keywords you are getting targeted traffic to your site that will be willing to pay for your product.
If somebody types in your keyword in the google search bar, your ad will be displayed throughout the day and you will get traffic and sales.

5. This is the most important tip that I will give you. If you do not see money coming in within the first hr be patient. A good way to test whether a product is going to be a seller is to use the following rule...
You should make at least one sale for every one hundred clicks on your add. If you have not made a sale by 300 clicks then you either have the wrong key words or the product you are promoting is not good.
Never give up and keep trying. Think of it in numbers...If you get 300 vistors in a week and make 3 sales a week then that could be earnings of $150 per week depending on the amount of commission on the given product.

Up your campaign level and you will increase your sales.
This is the quickest and easiest way to make money online with google adwords and I wish you every success.

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